To understand why people invest, don’t follow the money

EQi Website

EQi launched this week – a DIY investing platform. We were involved from the outset and as a part of gaining insight into what makes investors tick, we sat in on research groups and carried out interviews.

Over the past year, we learned that people are rarely motivated by money.

While we all have different aims – supporting children or grandchildren, or paying off a mortgage and heading off in a camper van for example – what we share is a desire for the freedom that financial security brings.

But if people are happy to take control of their money and make investment decisions, how much should they invest and for how long?

These were questions that came up as we worked with the team at EQi (they are a great client team – it’s OK, they probably won’t read this as they are also a very busy client team).

EQi is committed to making DIY investing accessible, which is why features such as its retirement calculator, as well as its general investment calculator are incredibly useful.

They also have fund lists (provided by independent research analysts) so investors can get started with a ready-made diverse portfolio from day one.